CrowdHealth Florida Health Plans Are Fantastic Cheap Health Insurance Alternatives

Acquiring quality care in Florida is simple with crowdfunding health plans

A recent study found that more than 95% of U.S. adults report having at least one barrier to quality health care. For many, the cost of health care coverage is a major roadblock. Medical insurance plans have long held the key to health care that is accessible and affordable. But with high monthly health insurance premiums, large deductibles, and numerous out-of-pocket insurance expenses, it can be tough for insurance consumers to find cost-friendly health plans that align with their medical needs.

At CrowdHealth, we know it’s not easy to find a Florida insurance provider that offers affordable health plans. We’re proud to serve as a quality health coverage alternative that focuses on affordability and ease of access to any health care provider you desire. Our health coverage is derived through crowdfunding efforts from a group of like-minded people who believe in helping to pay each other’s medical expenses. Once you secure one of our Florida health plans, all you have to do is share your medical bills with our Community. We’ll take care of the rest.

Continue reading to find out how signing up for one of our budget-friendly medical plans in Florida can help you access top-notch health care at the right price.

How crowdfunding differs from health insurance in Florida

At CrowdHealth, we’re proud to say we’re not a health insurance company in Florida. Instead, we offer crowdfunding health plans that provide individual and family medical coverage to the amazing people in our Community. Using crowdfunding to pay for health care is very different than securing a health insurance plan in Florida. At CrowdHealth, we invite plan Members to help pay medical bills for one another via their Health Funding Account. The goal of paying for health care through crowdfunding is to eliminate many of the coverage restrictions associated with Florida insurance plans.

Health insurance in Florida and around the country has many coverage requirements and limitations that our Community is able to avoid. As a Florida CrowdHealth Member, you don’t have to worry about insurance deductibles, enrollment periods, and plan limitations like maximum visits for specific health events. Unlike health insurance coverage in Florida, you are free of referrals or plan networks. You can see any doctor, visit any hospital, and acquire any other medical services in Florida you desire.

Is crowdfunded health coverage cheaper than Florida health insurance?

The price tag of health insurance is a major concern for many U.S. adults. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) study, approximately one-third of individuals with health insurance are concerned about their ability to pay their insurance plan premiums every month. When considering the average cost of a monthly insurance plan, it’s an understandable concern. The KFF estimates that, in Florida, the average health insurance premium for adult benchmark insurance coverage in 2022 was $456 per month. This adds up to thousands in annual coverage costs before paying an insurance plan deductible or any out-of-pocket health expenses.

When you secure Florida CrowdHealth individual or family coverage, you can rest assured that your monthly costs will always be affordable. Prices for our health plans are based on the age of the person receiving coverage. For instance, the monthly cost of coverage for people aged 6-54 is $225 each month. We also offer health plans for an entire family of 4 to 8 people for just $695 per month.

What’s great about our Florida health plans is you don’t have to worry about your plan payment going to waste. We take $30 each month as an administration fee, then place the rest of your coverage payment into your Health Funding Account. This can be used to help cover your expenses or the medical expenses of other Florida residents who have our crowdfunding coverage.

Paying for medical services via Florida crowdfunding is easy

t’s not always easy to know what to expect when paying for health expenses via insurance coverage. Sometimes, you might dish out money for an insurance plan copay in the doctor’s office. Other times, you might have to pay coinsurance following a health event. Your insurance plan might pay 80% of in-network costs while you pay 20%, but it can be hard to know what your final medical bill will be. A major goal of our crowdfunding plans is to make clear the amount you can expect to pay for your medical care.

When you secure Florida coverage via a CrowdHealth individual or family crowdfunding plan, you will only pay up to $500 for each health event. So, if you have appointment with your physician, you’ll ask for the cash price and pay the cost up to $500. If your medical expenses for that appointment surpass $500, send us the bill and we’ll ask the CrowdHealth Community to cover the rest. 

Our plans provide coverage for both small and large health bills. In fact, there’s no limit to the health expenses we’ll pay. Even better, we can negotiate discounts of between 30% and 60% to help reduce your healthcare expenses before and after a health event.

What does a crowdfunding plan in Florida cover?

If you secure one of our Florida individual or family health plans, you can enjoy coverage for various types of care. Our plans help pay for health care expenses associated with various treatments, procedures, major surgeries, and even pregnancies. Whether your health event is planned or unexpected, the Community can provide coverage before or after the fact.

There are some health servics that our plans don’t currently cover. For instance, plans will not pay for alternative therapies, cosmetic procedures, or fertility treatments. CrowdHealth coverage also won’t pay for vision or dental care. While plans cover prescriptions for the first 120 days following a health event, they don’t cover long-term prescription costs. However, securing a crowdfunding plan will allow you to access our pharmacy discount partner and enjoy prescription drug reductions of 50% to 60%.

It’s important to note that our Florida plans will not pay for costs associated with diagnosed or documented health conditions in the first year of coverage. In the following years, there will be coverage limitations of $25,000 in year 2, $50,000 in year 3, and $100,000 in year 4 and beyond. These plan limitations extend to associated prescriptions, treatments, and procedures.

Florida crowdfunding plan benefits make them an attractive health insurance substitute

CrowdHealth crowdfunding plans stand out from the pack because of the freedom they provide individuals in the Community. Being a health insurance alternative gives us the freedom to offer coverage without restrictions. No Florida insurance deductibles. No enrollment periods. No referrals. Just great health plans with fantastic Community support. 

When you secure a plan, you can enjoy perks like unlimited virtual health care, unlimited talk therapy, and access to a personal advocate who can reduce the cost of your medical bills. Securing one of our membership plans also enables you to see any doctor you desire because we are not associated with any insurance networks. We aim to make access to affordable healthcare simple and effective. There’s no better substitute for health insurance in Florida!

Discover more benefits of cost sharing plans over health insurance and fundraising in Florida at

If you’re accustomed to traditional crowdfunding via a fundraising site, you might wonder how your health expenses will get the attention of the Community. Our health coverage is unique in that we help individuals pay health care bills by ensuring that the Community is alerted each time a Member is in need, no matter how many times they submit health care funding requests. This is unlike a health fundraising effort for which only one health event may be partially or fully funded if enough contributors are willing to help.

Our health care plans are great alternatives to Florida health insurance and traditional health care fundraising efforts. There’s no need to shop around for any other coverage options. Learn more about the benefits of securing individual and family crowdfunding health care plans by exploring reviews from actual CrowdHealth plan users. If you’re ready to secure a fantastic health insurance coverage substitute in Florida, be sure to sign up for a CrowdHealth plan right away.

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