CrowdHealth Health Plans Are Top NY Private Health Insurance Alternatives

Securing affordable health coverage in New York is easy

A 2022 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that about 26 million people are without health insurance coverage in the United States. There are many reasons that people might go without insurance coverage, one of which is a lack of affordability. Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that the average yearly premium for health insurance plans in 2021 was more than $7,700 for individual plans and more than $22,000 for family plans. 

For the average family, the cost of a health insurance premium is excessive, especially when considering that monthly insurance premiums don’t include costs associated with meeting a plan deductible. At CrowdHealth, we understand the importance of finding health coverage with affordable monthly plan costs and low out-of-pocket health care expenses. Signing up for our budget-friendly crowdfunding health plans is great for consumers looking for alternatives to the high-cost health insurance plans in New York state.

Crowdfunding is different from fundraising and health insurance

Crowdfunding medical expenses is often associated with putting together a GoFundMe campaign. Traditional health expense fundraising campaigns can be difficult if they don’t garner enough attention. CrowdHealth plans are different in that we don’t rally people for a one-time health event. Our New York state care plans are designed to cover the health expenses of Members for the entirety of their health plan Membership. The Community is always ready and waiting to help fellow Members.

New York state CrowdHealth plans are often erroneously associated with NY state health insurance coverage, but we take pride in the fact that we’re not an insurance company. Health insurance companies have restrictions that can make access to care difficult for insurance customers. For instance, health insurance plans require customers to find a doctor or hospital within a specific network to fully cover their care. Not to mention that most health insurance companies require customers to get enrolled in a plan within a specified insurance enrollment period to receive coverage for the year.

CrowdHealth plans are free of insurance plan restrictions, making our coverage an attractive alternative to traditional New York State health insurance.

How do crowdfunded New York health plans work?

Most NY state health insurance plans leave customers guessing when they’ll enjoy the full benefits of their coverage. In addition to paying a monthly insurance premium, customers must pay health care expenses out of pocket until they meet their deductibles. After meeting their deductibles, they still have to pay coinsurance, copayments, and other out-of-pocket insurance expenses. Many insurance plans have an out-of-pocket maximum, but this is only for health expenses they choose to cover.

At CrowdHealth, we offer health care plans with the goal of reducing the steps needed to access affordable health care. It’s really simple. Members start by making a monthly plan contribution. After making their plan contribution, they’re free to visit any care provider they choose. During each visit or health event, they will pay a maximum of $500. Any health event that exceeds the $500 payment can be submitted to us. The CrowdHealth Community will contribute to the Member’s health expenses until their medical bill is paid in full. 

Even better, we have personal care advocates who can reduce the cost of care by 30% to 60%. For example, if you have a $5,000 treatment or $100,000 surgery, our care advocates will work to reduce your cost of care. Any remaining balance due after your $500 health event payment will be paid by the Community in full.

Is a crowdfunded health plan more affordable than NY insurance?

It’s common knowledge that New Yorkers are accustomed to paying a higher price tag for a variety of services. Unfortunately, health insurance coverage in New York state is no exception. According to the KFF, the average health insurance premium for an adult benchmark New York insurance plan was $592 per month in 2022. This means New York residents, on average, paid upwards of $7,000 annually for an individual health insurance plan.

In addition to making quality healthcare more accessible to New York residents, a major goal of NY CrowdHealth plans is to lower the cost of health care in the state. We start by offering very affordable plans. The monthly plan contribution for an individual aged 6 to 54 is just $175. We also offer monthly plans for a household of 4 to 8 people for just $695.

It’s good to note that just $30 of each monthly plan contribution is taken as an administrative fee. The rest goes directly into your Health Funding Account, which you can use to help pay care expenses for yourself and other CrowdHealth Members.

Who does a crowdfunding health plan in New York cover?

Our NY crowdfunding plans cover most individuals from ages 6 to 54. Whether a Community Member in New York state needs a planned or unexpected health treatment, procedure, or surgery, our plans will cover the costs. Members who have become pregnant after securing a New York health plan will receive coverage for all three phases of their pregnancy (prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care).

CrowdHealth plans pay for prescriptions for the first 120 days after a health event. While long-term prescriptions for drugs aren’t covered, Members can access our pharmacy partner for 50% to 60% prescription discounts. 

New York state residents with preexisting health conditions are covered under our plans, but with limitations. In the first year of a New York plan Membership, costs associated with diagnosed or documented health conditions (including prescriptions, treatments, and procedures) are not covered. In the following years, coverage is granted as follows: year 2 ($25,000 limit), year 3 ($50,000 limit), and year 4 and beyond ($100,000 limit).

Health services our plans do not currently cover include fertility treatments, alternative therapies, cosmetic procedures, and vision and dental care.

Learn more about cost sharing plans and health insurance in NY at

If you have been searching for a quality New York health insurance alternative, look no further than NY CrowdHealth plans. You never have to worry about insurance deductibles, a plan network that restricts access to preferred care providers, limited enrollment periods, and other health insurance restrictions. Benefiting from our plans is as simple as making a low monthly contribution, visiting your care provider, paying up to $500 for a health event, then submitting bills that exceed $500 to the NY CrowdHealth Community.

Additional benefits of our New York plans include unlimited virtual health, unlimited talk therapy, and personal care advocacy. Find out more about the perks of selecting our NY plans as alternatives to New York individual or family health insurance by taking a look at reviews from actual CrowdHealth plan Members. When you’re ready to secure an affordable New York CrowdHealth plan, we invite you to sign up with us.

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