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If you’re looking for new health insurance, check out CrowdHealth instead. We’re a true alternative to the current health insurance system — a way to recoup medical expenses using a crowdfunding approach. But unlike traditional crowdfunding for medical bills, our approach involves Members who are dedicated to making contributions to the fund every month. That means no more constant GoFundMe campaigns — simply submit your medical bills to CrowdHealth and recoup your costs. Even signing up is a simple process.

We know, it sounds too simple to be true. Let’s talk about exactly how CrowdHealth works with the healthcare system to get you the best coverage possible.

Crowdfunded health insurance

First things first: CrowdHealth isn’t traditional health insurance. And that’s a good thing! Even though we can’t make the same types of guarantees that traditional health insurance providers can, you’re better off without it. Because traditional insurance is limited by the United States government in terms of how much they can profit off of your premiums, they’re incentivized to continually raise your premiums to make money off of you! At CrowdHealth, our revenue comes from driving down your costs. Simple as that. 

CrowdHealth also doesn’t make you commit to a single network. Nope. We are network-free, letting you and your family visit any provider you want. No more switching back and forth between doctors, struggling to stay with a provider that you love, or receiving subpar care because you’re being forced to use a doctor you don’t like.

What’s the difference between crowdfunding and fundraising?

Crowdfunding medical expenses through CrowdHealth is a lot different than operating a fundraiser. First off, you’re exponentially more likely to have medical event charges covered by the community at CrowdHealth than you are by launching a campaign through a traditional crowdfunding site. In fact, just 12% of these campaigns meet their goal. That’s a gamble that has terrible odds — and staking your health and financial security on it isn’t a wise decision. 

Unlike traditional crowdfunding, CrowdHealth focuses on helping you cover expenses up front instead of after the fact. That means you have a better chance at avoiding hefty charges that you aren’t prepared for. CrowdHealth works with you — and for you.

The best crowdfunding for medical expenses

Here’s how it works: each month, every Member pays into their Health Funding Account. The money in this account is used to cover health events for other people in the CrowdHealth community. 

When you have a health event that costs over $500, we reach out to the Crowd to fund your bill. We reach out to the crowd on your behalf to fund your health bill, and then we transfer that money directly into your Health Funding Account so you can pay your doctor in cash. 

The great thing about crowdfunding your medical bills is that, in the majority of cases, you’ll receive the money to pay the bill upfront — so you don’t have to pay it out-of-pocket and then wait for funding. This plays into another great benefit: Often, if you can pay for your procedure upfront, you may be able to get a better rate than if you paid after the fact. Your monthly membership includes a care advocate that negotiates the large health bills for you. Cash discounts are real!

Why start medical crowdfunding for medical bills?

Crowdfunding your medical bills means that you know exactly what your premiums pay for. Unlike with traditional insurance companies, you select where your money is spent. Because we ask you if you want to help crowdfund a specific medical bill, get to control your money and how it’s spent. We feel like that gives our approach a personal touch. 

Crowdfunding health care expenses isn’t a new thing, but this is different than coming to your friends and family with your digital hat out. Instead, you’ve got a pool of similarly-minded people who are committed to helping each other fund their medical events. We calculate what’s called a “Generosity Score” for each Member, which is shown along with any of your funding requests. The more generous you are, the better your score. And you’re more likely to crowdfund someone who’s been generous than someone who hasn’t been so generous. That helps establish and encourage reciprocity, keeping CrowdHealth’s wheels turning.

How much does crowdfunded medical coverage cost?

CrowdHealth charges a flat fee based on your age, so for individuals aged 6-54, it’s just $175 a month. For families with 4-8 members, you can pay a flat fee of $695 a month. CrowdHealth takes a $30 administrative fee each month and the rest goes directly into your Health Funding Account. From there, you take the reins and get to choose which medical bills your money finances. Easy.

What does medical crowdfunding cover?

At CrowdHealth, medical crowdfunding can cover any bill that’s over $500. Unlike other alternative health insurance plans, covering health bills is so much simpler at CrowdHealth. You just take a picture of your medical bill, send it in via the app, and your health care bills are covered in a snap. 

There’s no maximum amount of healthcare expenditures that you can share with the community, so don’t be afraid that you’re going to max out your crowdfunding health benefits. Our platform is engineered to maximize the likelihood that all of your eligible bills can be funded every month. As an example: for big, planned bills like surgeries, CrowdHealth will go directly to your provider to negotiate the cost — up to two-thirds off! We’ll negotiate emergency bills, too — both the amount and the time you have to pay them down. explains health insurance and medical cost sharing plans

At CrowdHealth, we offer people a smarter way to navigate the medical insurance process simply because we’re not health insurance. Instead, we are a community of Members who help each other pay healthcare bills without the hassle of dealing with a middleman insurance company. In fact, this is the way people have been funding medical expenses for thousands of years before insurance companies decided to get involved. We invite you to check out reviews from actual CrowdHealth Members and then sign up.

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