An affordable alternative to the cheapest health insurance in Illinois

During each open enrollment period, consumers begin to compare health insurance coverage options in an effort to find the best health plan in Illinois. They might spend days — or even weeks — attempting to compare plans and explore numerous insurance options to find affordable coverage that provides the lowest deductible and fewest out-of-pocket expenses.

CrowdHealth takes pride in eliminating your need to find affordable health insurance plans in Illinois. Rather than spend valuable time pouring over dozens of health insurance plans to find the best rates and coverage options, you can benefit from our cost-effective crowdfunding plans. If you’re familiar with crowdfunding, you might think that you’ll need to raise money through GoFundMe campaigns. On the contrary, our Members make contributions to a health fund each month that helps pay their medical bills.

Signing up with CrowdHealth is easy, and the benefits of our health plans are tremendous. Just submit your medical bills to us and we’ll pay your expenses. It’s that simple! If you’re looking for a low-cost, stress-free alternative to health insurance plans in Illinois, you’ve reached the right place. Keep reading to learn more about our unique healthcare plans.

Crowdfunding vs. health insurance

You might wonder how CrowdHealth plans differ from traditional health insurance coverage in Illinois. First, we focus on ensuring your monthly plan price is budget-friendly. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the national average annual health insurance premium for an individual health plan in 2021 was more than $7,000. The family plan premium averaged $22,000, which represented a 22% increase over 2016. Unfortunately, health insurance providers often increase insurance premiums to earn greater profits. Our goal is to bring down your medical coverage costs. Securing a crowdfunding health plan can save you thousands in health insurance premium costs each year.

In addition to enjoying fantastic savings, crowdfunding plans allow you to avoid annoying insurance enrollment periods that restrict when and how you can pick a plan. Health insurance providers only allow customers to enroll in a new coverage plan or make adjustments to existing insurance coverage during open or special enrollment periods. At CrowdHealth, you can become a Member at any time and begin enjoying the benefits of our health plans right away.

It’s important to note that our plans are unable to offer the same guarantees as traditional health insurance coverage. If we make guarantees, we would be health insurance, which means our coverage would be regulated by the government and tied to the insurance restrictions we work hard to avoid. Oddly enough, while health insurance companies say their plans guarantee payments, they are fully capable of denying health coverage claims at their own discretion, leaving you with unexpected costs that could quickly add up. Our coverage plans aim to save you money, not hand you unnecessary burdens.

How much does a crowdfunding plan cost in Illinois?

With CrowdHealth, the price you pay for one of our health plans in Illinois is the same each month. We charge a flat rate based on the age of the individual receiving coverage. The plan fee for individuals aged 0-54 is just $175 per month. If you have several family members who need coverage, you can purchase a single family plan for a family of 4 to 8 members for just $695 per month. Talk about a great deal!

You might wonder how your monthly coverage rate will be utilized. Each month, CrowdHealth takes a $30 administration fee while the remainder of your monthly plan contribution goes directly into your Health Funding Account. You don’t have to worry about insurance copays, coinsurance, or other plan expenses. Simply decide which medical bills your money will finance. Our plans offer a fantastic opportunity to take control of your health care costs.

Paying for healthcare via crowdfunding in Illinois is simple

At CrowdHealth, we take pride in simplifying the payment process for health plans in Illinois. You never have to pay an insurance deductible before enjoying your coverage. Our process is easy and straightforward. Every Member pays up to $500 for each unique health event. When you visit your doctor, you will ask for the cash price of the health event and then pay your bill up to $500. If your care costs more than $500, you will submit a funding request to CrowdHealth. The Community fund will cover the amount of the health event that exceeds your $500 payment.

CrowdHealth also works with care providers to lower the price of your healthcare bills. Instead of simply paying the price a provider charges, we negotiate your price to give you a discount of between 30% and 60%. For example, if you have a planned procedure such as a major surgery, we can reduce the price before the date of the event. Even if you have an unexpected surgery that results in a bill worth more than $100,000, we can have the price reduced by up to 60% and then negotiate a payment plan that the Community will pay over a specified number of months. This is just one of many ways our coverage differs from health insurance plans in Illinois.

Is health coverage via crowdfunding open to people with pre-existing conditions?

CrowdHealth plans provide coverage for individuals from the ages of 0 to 64. Currently, the Member Community is open to people with a broad range of health histories. However, our plans do have some limitations. 

If you or a member of your family has one or more diagnosed or documented health conditions, you are invited to select one of our coverage plans. However, expenses associated with your condition(s) won’t be eligible for crowdfunding coverage in the first year. During the second year, expenses for previously diagnosed or documented condition(s) can be covered up to $25,000. In the third year, the covered amount increases to $50,000. Starting in year four and beyond, these conditions will be covered up to $100,000. Similar health plan restrictions apply to any prescriptions, procedures, and treatments linked to a previously diagnosed or documented health condition.

It’s also important to note that while funding is available for most medical circumstances, plans do not pay for some areas of care or types of procedures/treatments. For example, plans don’t cover cosmetic procedures, alternative therapies, or fertility treatments. Long-term prescriptions as well as vision and dental care are also currently not funded by our plans.

Does crowdfunding cover pregnancies in Illinois?

While pregnancy is a beautiful journey, it can be overwhelming for expecting families who don’t have health insurance coverage. Health costs for a pregnancy not supported by a health plan can quickly climb into the thousands. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has revealed that the national median charges for a childbirth hospital stay (delivery and care for the mother and newborn) add up to nearly $17,000. This doesn’t include prenatal or postpartum care.

At CrowdHealth, we aim to reduce the stress that could accompany the pregnancy journey of a family without insurance coverage. Our Illinois plans take a three-phase approach to funding maternity care by covering 1) prenatal care, 2) labor and delivery, and 3) postpartum care. Each maternity phase requires a $500 Member commitment. This means a pregnant Member will pay $500 for each of the three events for a total of $1,500. The remainder of the Member’s plan fees will be covered through the CrowdHealth Community fund. 

It’s important to note that a newborn’s care (the first six months following birth) is a separate event from maternity care. It will be included in the baby’s Membership once a new plan is added for the newborn following their birth.

Keep in mind that a pregnancy that began prior to acquiring a Membership plan will not be eligible for funding by the Community. Also, a newborn’s care won’t be eligible for coverage until six months post-birth. We want to make sure that CrowdHealth remains a viable, affordable alternative to health insurance coverage in Illinois. It will be difficult to do so if plans cover the significant costs of labor so soon after a Member joins.

Can I contribute to an HSA insurance plan with crowdfunding in Illinois?

CrowdHealth is unique in that we are not an insurance plan. Instead, we are a Community of Members who pool funds together to provide coverage for each other's medical bills. Since we are not an Illinois insurance plan and instead offer crowdfunding plans, our Members are not currently able to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). 

You’ll be happy to know, however, that you can still put an existing health insurance-related HSA account to great use after securing a Membership plan. If you already have money in your HSA account, you can use those funds to pay for health expenses that fall within the $500 Member Commitment. Keep in mind that your HSA funds cannot be used to pay your CrowdHealth monthly plan subscriptions or contributions.

Does crowdfunding have the same network restrictions as Illinois health insurance plans?

One of the most challenging aspects of securing traditional health insurance plans in Illinois is navigating restrictions imposed by networks. If you’ve ever switched health insurance plans in Illinois, you might have noticed that a doctor you were seeing was no longer available under your new coverage because they were not a part of the network. Networks play a major role in the health insurance landscape.

In order for health insurance companies to attract customers, they have to make sure that area physicians and hospitals will accept their plans. The problem is many healthcare professionals and facilities in Illinois and across the country are linked to larger health care organizations like hospital networks. If for some reason, an Illinois insurance company and health care organization choose not to work together, the insurance company’s customers may be unable to visit associated doctors, treatment facilities, or hospitals as in-network patients. While some health insurance plans in Illinois will cover a portion of out-of-network costs, some don’t pay any of these expenses, which means a customer who switches their insurance plan in Illinois might have to find a new doctor.

At CrowdHealth, our plans make sure you never have to worry about losing your favorite doctor. When you select a Membership plan, you can continue seeing the doctor you prefer. You can also stick with a preferred hospital, treatment facility, or any other care provider you chose under a health insurance plan in Illinois. You deserve to work with any care provider you desire without restrictions imposed by traditional health insurance plans.

Get the care you deserve at a lower price than insurance in Illinois

Health insurance plans should provide relief to families that can’t afford the high price tag associated with their medical care. But the Kaiser Family Foundation has revealed that health insurance plans can sometimes give customers additional financial concerns. A KFF study found that about 1 in 3 insured adults worry about their ability to afford their insurance plan premiums each month. Approximately 44% of insured adults are concerned about affording their plan deductible, which requires payment before health insurance coverage can begin.

It’s understandable that consumers might stress over the cost of their care. According to the KFF, the average health insurance premium for a benchmark plan in 2021 was $423 monthly in Illinois. This plan was estimated for a 40-year-old. When comparing this average plan premium to the monthly cost of a CrowdHealth Member plan for an individual in the same age group, the savings reach nearly $250 every 30 days!

We know that it can be a bit intimidating to step away from the health insurance model when it’s how you’ve grown accustomed to paying your healthcare costs. But when you consider the amazing monthly savings you can enjoy as well as the tremendous Community support you’ll receive from CrowdHealth, there’s no doubt that securing an Illinois crowdfunding Membership plan would be fantastic for your health and your wallet.

Learn more about medical cost sharing plans and health insurance at

If you’re tired of wondering whether your Illinois health insurance provider will pay for a covered expense — or you have found an amazing doctor and worry that you’ll lose them by being forced to switch your health insurance plan — now’s the time to consider CrowdHealth as an alternative coverage option to traditional insurance in Illinois. Becoming a Member means you can immediately enjoy lower monthly costs and benefit from a Community that will fund health expenses whether you need a simple procedure or major surgery.

But the perks of becoming a plan Member don’t end there! When you select a CrowdHealth Membership plan in Illinois, you will never have to pay a deductible to start your coverage. You can enjoy the perks of crowdfunding in Illinois as soon you join the Community. You can also benefit from unlimited virtual health, discounted drug prescriptions, personal care advocacy, and much more. Of course, your plan will allow you to see any doctor you desire at any time without concerns about health enrollment periods. There is no limit to the benefits you can enjoy from our Illinois health plan.

Our goal is to make acquiring and using an Illinois health plan simple, effective, and easy on your wallet. We’re always working hard to make medical coverage more affordable for you, so there’s no need to continue searching for the cheapest health insurance in Illinois. If you’re interested in learning more about our medical plans, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, be sure to view our reviews from actual CrowdHealth Members. If you like what you see, feel free to sign up.

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