Sr. Back-End Developer

Date Posted: 

October 24, 2022


You will work directly with the CTO and other staff to maintain and build new features for our existing customer-facing applications and back-end portal. You will also work to create entirely new web applications that interact with our custom API back end and support our internal team and customer base. 

Role Requirements 

Skills and Experience

  • Ability to architect elegant solutions to complex problems
  • Ability to design database schemas to accommodate application features
  • Knowledge on how to efficiently query data stores
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Knowledge of no-SQL databases and in-memory stores
  • Experience implementing and consuming back-endREST APIs
  • Ability to identify and fix application performance bottlenecks
  • Knowledge of secure methods for transmission, storage, and management of user data


  • Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS
  • Python & Flask
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • AWS, Google Cloud
  • No-SQL databases such as MongoDB
  • CSS3 / HTML5
  • Git version control
  • Bundler systems such as Webpack
  • CSS frameworks such as Tailwind
  • CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS
  • CI/CD, unit testing

Bonus points

  • Previous startup experience
  • Experience implementing GraphQL APIs
  • Knowledge of how to scale systems
  • ETL data processing

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