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Healthcare Crowdfunding for the Gig Economy

Use code GRIDWISE at checkout to get your first 3 months at just $99/month

Join a crowd of fellow gig workers getting quality healthcare for a low price. Simple and straightforward services and access to a community of like-minded individuals to help each other pay for health bills.

It's Not Insurance. It's Better!

There has been a shift in how we have tailored our careers. The old 9-5 model is fleeting and the "benefits" of those jobs have not caught up with the times. At CrowdHealth, you are not paying for health insurance you never use. You pay for the healthcare you do use at a low monthly membership and help others do the same by crowdfunding medical costs.


Healthcare Simplified

Sign up and meet your Care Advocate

Get personal support through all the complexities of your health care, from appointments to billing, and crowdfunding for you when you need it

Choose or keep your existing doctors

No networks or restrictions, so you can get the best care for an affordable price

Tap into the power of the crowd

Our community of like-minded individuals helps each other pay for medical bills instead of lining insurers' pockets

CrowdHealth vs "Affordable" Insurance

How can we charge so little and be better than insurance?