December 11, 2023

Garrett Johnston Is Thinking About Health Care Differently with CrowdHealth

With open enrollment in focus, I'd like to share how I personally saved (annually) my family over $5K and my company over $9K by thinking about funding healthcare in a different way. ...and you likely can too by doing your own comparison.

Below is the actual Johnston family math (family of 4) and how we are creating these savings.

I achieved this by joining CrowdHealth. The math is compelling and a no-brainer when you sit down and take the time to compare cost, choice of network, quality of care, deductibles and co-insurance. The company saves as a bonus - I'll outline that too below.

Let me be clear before diving in. This is not a knock against any corporate plan (my company's is "best-in-class" when compared to other traditional corporate health insurance plans)... it is just a real-life illustration of some of the structural problems with our healthcare system in the US. There are limits to what you can do to mitigate these problems within the system. To achieve better outcomes for all parties involved... you sometimes have to thing outside existing structures.

How did I do this through CrowdHealth? They are not insurance, rather they are a peer-based, crowd-sourced platform that allows you to fund your health events outside of insurance. No doctor network, no co-insurance, the first $500 of any health event is on you, the rest is crowd funded.

Here are the high-level details of my corporate plan options (as a point of reference, I currently work at a private West-Coast based company centered in the Bay Area, so their plan is consistent with what you might see at many tech companies - prior to this company, I worked at a fortune 500 / 50K employee firm where the health plan metrics were comparable on the whole... so I can state with confidence that the corporate plan metrics I am comparing my alternative choice to would be considered "top-shelf" corporate plan options)

.... OK - let's dive into the details...

Corporate health insurance plan:

  • National "name brand" carrier (high-deductible PPO plan)
  • Network: PPO- Individual Deductible: $2,800 in network / $4,500 out of network
  • Co-insurance: 10% in network / 30% out of network
  • Annual Cost (family of four): over $8,000


  • No carrier / not insurance / no middle-man
  • Network: None - I go to ANY doctor I choose
  • Individual Deductible: $500 per health event (technically not a deductible)
  • Co-Insurance: none - 100% funded above my $500 out of pocket cost
  • Annual Cost: $4,860 ($3K+ of savings, plus we had a health event in our family last year so we saved $2,300 over the corporate plan deductible of $2,800)

Using same process, my company (which pays part of the healthcare cost) saves over $9K by not having to fund my healthcare. win-win!

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