Forget what you know about health insurance.
Meet CrowdHealth.

How CrowdHealth Works

Straightforward, Hassle-free.

No premiums, no copays, no deductibles. Just one monthly total to get you access to everything we offer the Community.

You make a monthly contribution to the Community, which is used to fund the Community’s health care bills.

The Best Way to Find the Right Doctor for You

We know going to the doctor can be a drag. But, great news for you! CrowdHealth offers you simple, tech-based tools to make it a whole lot easier.

How Your Bills Get Funded

CrowdHealth reverses the insurance model. Contributions to the Community are treated as your money, not ours.

With CrowdHealth, everything becomes simple and transparent -- where bills are funded super fast, and we help you find high-quality, fairly priced care.
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One Low, Monthly Total:

Ages 0-5




Ages 6-54




Ages 55-65




Families of 5 to 8***



*It could be even less! This number is the maximum amount you can expect to contribute each month.
**Each Member commits to pay up to $500 per unique health event before expenses are submitted to the Community for funding.
***Limited time offer for $99 promo rate, and options available for families of 9+. Parent(s) must be under age 64, children under age 26. Email or chat for details.

The CrowdHealth Community is designed and funded differently than health insurance plans. We have different priorities here -- like putting you, our Member, first!

Why are insurance companies expensive?

Why is CrowdHealth so affordable?


Health Insurance has very little power to negotiate with big hospital systems, so their network contracts are very expensive.

CrowdHealth can help you find quality care but has no restrictive doctor networks -- you can go where you want for your care. Since the Crowd pays in cash, hospitals are more willing to negotiate fair prices with us.


Knee surgery

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Knee surgery cost for major insurer, Cincinnati, OH


Knee surgery cost for CrowdHealth, Cincinnati, OH


(40% less than major insurer)


Dropdown icon

Colonoscopy cost for major insurer, Austin, TX


Colonoscopy cost for CrowdHealth, Austin, TX


(66% price reduction)

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

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Laparoscopic hysterectomy cost for major insurer, Milwaukee, WI


Laparoscopic hysterectomy cost for CrowdHealth, Milwaukee, WI


(30.6% price reduction)


On average, 80% of your monthly insurance premium goes toward the healthcare costs of customers.

With CrowdHealth, 100% of your monthly contribution goes to directly fund and reduce the healthcare costs of the Member Community.  

profits vs your wellbeing

Health Insurance has very little incentive to reduce costs. In fact, they make more money when you are sick than when you are healthy.

CrowdHealth is incentivized to keep you healthy because we want the Crowd’s monthly contributions to be as low as possible.

DENIED CLAIMS vs reliable support

Plans sold on the US health insurance marketplace deny an average of 17% of in-network claims annually, which dramatically increases the healthcare cost burden to American families.

CrowdHealth has not denied or left a single bill unfunded for an eligible expense submitted by an active Member of the Community.


On average, $200 a month is spent by health insurers on administration.

CrowdHealth spends $25 per member, per month on administration.


Health Insurance pays for more lobbying than any other industry.

CrowdHealth spends $0 of your monthly contribution on lobbying.

Have questions that still need answering? We’d love to talk.

Check out our list of FAQs below or send us a message.


Together, we can revolutionize the way we get the care we need.

CrowdHealth believes we can achieve something bigger, better, and altogether different than if we tackled the complexity and unaffordability of healthcare costs alone.

We care abundantly for each other, and that’s good news for all of us.

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