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Crowdfund your medical bills

Transparent Pricing and Funding

Members (ages 0-54) pay $175/month per member.  Discounted family memberships are available.

Ages 0-54


per month



Ages 55-64


per month



Families of 4 to 8


per month



Each Member is expected to pay the first $500 of any health event before requesting funding from the Crowd.

How much to join?

Enter the number of people you would be adding to your plan in the appropriate age category to calculate your contribution.

CrowdHealth Membership

Your own dedicated CrowdHealth funding account.

Historically you’ve paid your premiums to your insurance company and that money disappeared into the health insurance black hole. Not with CrowdHealth!

Every month you put funds into a CrowdHealth Crowdfunding account that you own. A $40 subscription fee will go to CrowdHealth to give you access to a range of tools. The remaining $135 will stay in that Crowdfunding account and can be used to help others in the crowd pay for their medical bills.


Medical Bill

Virtual Care

Unlimited Talk Therapy


much more!

How members pay their health bills

Here is how it works...

If Brian breaks his arm and it costs $5,000, he commits to paying the first $500. The remaining $4,500 will be crowdfunded from the community.

CrowdHealth asks other community members, including Sarah, for help. They can voluntarily help by giving out of their Crowdfunding account.

If Sarah says “yes”, the requested amount will be transferred from Sarah’s Crowdfunding account to Brian’s account. Brian can then use the money that was crowdfunded to pay the bill.

Why would Sarah help Brian?

When Brian makes a request for a health event, included in that request is his Generosity Score. This score indicates how often Brian has given to the community when asked.

If he has been a good community member and has given often, then he will have a high score and a high likelihood others will give to him. If he has a low score then he will most likely not get funded.

Get huge discounts (the secret sauce)

Here is the magic. Given our crowdfunding approach, our members are able to pay for their healthcare costs in cash at the point of care. Health insurance plans make doctors jump through all kinds of hoops creating crazy amounts of costs and then don’t pay them for 90 days. Given the ease in which the doctors get paid with CrowdHealth, they love CrowdHealth members and are willing to give us major discounts. The even better news is that you don’t have to do that negotiation with your doctor. For large expenses, let CrowdHealth know and we will negotiate them for you. For small expenses just ask for the “cash rate.”

For Bills > $1000, CrowdHealth has gotten 74% better prices than health insurance plans.

Why CrowdFunding?

For thousands of years, communities have helped each other when a member of that community was injured or fell ill. CrowdHealth is bringing back that community generosity and kicking traditional insurance and health shares to the curb. Whether it be a large medical event that has multiple bills attached to it, or a single procedure, the community bands together to help that individual or family.

How do you pay for the “big” events?

The “biggies” is where CrowdHealth rocks…and where being uninsured gives you an advantage.

If you get a large health bill, whether it be for an ER event, heart procedure, or a pre term baby, CrowdHealth will act on your behalf to negotiate that bill.

At CrowdHealth, the larger the bill, the more likely doctors and hospitals are willing to work with an individual because they want to get paid faster and more efficiently than going through an insurance process. CH provides the negotiation and payment scheduling as part of your membership. Once we have gone through that process the Crowd helps fund based on that schedule.

"What if I want to leave CrowdHealth?
You keep all my money, right?"

WRONG! It’s your money. When you decide to leave us you take your balance (minus a small account closure fee) with you. Just another way CrowdHealth is not health insurance.

Use what you need.

Give when you want.

Take your balance with
you when you leave!

If we break down the economics it's so much more affordable and we have many of these success stories already. Like our Members, the Farley’s:

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