Forget What You Know About Health Care.
Meet Health Care Crowdfunding.

Step 1


As a Member, you make a low monthly contribution to be part of CrowdHealth. A $30 subscription goes to CrowdHealth to cover administrative costs, and you use the remaining dollars to voluntarily fund the Crowd's bills.

Step 2

Go to the Doctor

When you go to the doctor, ask for the cash price and pay the bill. For health events greater than $500, you commit to funding the first $500 and then can submit a funding request to CrowdHealth.

For scheduled services, let us know beforehand. We can contact your doctor and help negotiate pricing.

Step 3

Submit Your Bills

Submitting expenses over $500 to the Crowd for funding is super simple. Just snap a photo, upload to the mobile app, and hit submit! 

Step 4


CrowdHealth facilitates your funding requests, so your bills get crowdfunded smoothly and quickly. Crowdfunding dollars are transferred from contributing Members' accounts directly to yours.

Still Have Questions? 
Speak With Our Team

Our Membership Consultants are ready to dive deeper into the health care crowdfunding model, discuss your specific needs, and answer any questions you have!