December 9, 2021

Video: Primary care roundtable featuring UCSF, Health Wildcatters, Providence Ventures

Startups disrupting primary care @ Primary Care and the New Medical QB event 11/17/21

At the fifth session of Invent Health Virtual Event - Primary Care and the New Medical QB we are going to listen to the startups. This session is emceed by Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub); joining him Ryan Helon (Executive Vice President, Rev1 Ventures), David Kereiakes (Partner, Providence Ventures) and Hubert Zajicek (CEO, Co-founder & Partner, Health Wildcatters)

Startup presenters are Laura Yecies (CEO, Bone Health), Andy Schoonover (CEO, CrowdHealth), Mark Hanson (CEO, Decoded Health), Rachael England (Chief of Product, HealthNxt), Nick Desai (CEO and Co-Founder, HeyRenee), Anthony Gerardi (CEO and Co-Founder, Insiteflow), Benjamin Alouf (Chief Medical Officer, Limbix Health) and Hitesh Rastogi (Co-Founder, CEO, Onliv Health)