June 28, 2022

Why I Am Joining CrowdHealth…

This January, my wife and I had a week-long quarantine in Jakarta, Indonesia, where we were not allowed to leave the hotel room or even open a window. The Covid required stop on our way to Bali was a constant reminder of the challenges that individuals and communities have faced throughout the pandemic; from restricted freedoms to widespread decline in overall health, Covid exposed the brokenness of our current healthcare system and has accelerated the need for significant change.  

During this time, I also thought deeply about all the ways that Bitcoin could disrupt healthcare. I have worked in strategy consulting for hospitals and health systems, at a large insurance company’s Medicaid plan, and as a product manager for medical supplies, delivering an innovative solution to prevent retained objects in the operating room. I completed a double master’s in health economics and policy at the London School of Economics and University of Chicago in 2020. Throughout my experiences in the US and studying other healthcare systems, I have concluded that we need to take a radically different approach to health. There must be better way to access, pay for and deliver healthcare services in the US while empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.  

Over the last couple years, I have gone deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, reading dozens of books, studying Austrian economics and developing a deeper understanding of the history of money and the revolutionary impact of a digitally scarce, decentralized asset monetizing in real time. As humans, we are driven by our own self-interest to survive; the individual decisions and action we take to satisfy our needs and deepest desires creates the market economy and world we live in. With the reintroduction of sound money, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reorganize ourselves and make lower time preference decisions, enabling sovereign individuals and healthy communities on a foundation of simplicity and quality instead of complexity and anxiety.  

Unfortunately, we have all been subjected to the fiat experiment over the last 50 years, where our money loses its purchasing power value significantly over time via inflation. This has had a devastating impact on us as individuals, stealing our time and negatively impact our health in profound ways. The healthcare industry operates without understanding true costs of production, has become encumbered by significant regulation, and perverse incentives amongst payers, providers and consumers has driven prices to astronomical levels.  

While in Bali, I completed a three-week yoga teacher course and additional weeklong Himalayan Kriya yoga training. Through the practices I learned more about my body and the power of the breath, and reflected deeply about my dharma, or purpose in life.  I manifested, dreamed up an opportunity where I could leverage my extensive experience and education in healthcare and combine it with my passion for Bitcoin adoption to help bring about positive change to individuals, families and communities.  

I am thrilled to announce I have made the decision to join CrowdHealth as Head of Business Development. I believe deeply in CrowdHealth’s mission of creating health care freedom through community, technology, and a revolutionary way to pay for care.

CrowdHealth enables a radically different approach to healthcare and an alternative to health insurance. The simple model combines individual responsibility, community crowdfunding, holistic wellness and direct access to healthcare that will empower you and your loved ones to live a healthier life. Forget the concepts of costly insurance premiums you never get back, high deductible plans, network restrictions, copays, claim denials and unfair billing practices. With CrowdHealth, you pay into your own health funding account each month to fund your own and community health needs and receive a generosity score based on your track record of giving. You get access to 24/7 telemedicine and receive support from a care advocate to find the highest quality lowest cost provider in your area, with CrowdHealth negotiating the price directly on your behalf.  

Let’s reintroduce pricing and consumerism into healthcare together – the US system spends an unsustainable 20% of GDP ($4.1 trillion!) each year on healthcare (CMS) while insurance premiums have risen over 50% in the last decade (KFF). Yet over 30 million Americans are uninsured (KFF), and our health outcomes are in decline across so many measures.  

Opt out of the broken health insurance system. Opt out of the fiat financial system.  

Take responsibility for your own health. Benefit from the power of community crowdfunding. Utilize technology and get support from individuals that care about you and stay with you even through job changes and life events. Experience community, no matter where you live.  

Decentralize your healthcare by joining the Bitcoin Crowd and save 75% of your health funding account in bitcoin.  

You get to decide. Take a deep breath in, and exhale easy knowing you can become a part of this community.  

In subsequent posts I will dive into more detail on why and how CrowdHealth is addressing so many of the challenges we are facing in our broken healthcare system today. I’m energized to talk with you more about joining CrowdHealth. Please reach out to me at jon@joincrowdhealth.com with any questions or interest in joining the community.

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