March 3, 2022

An Open Letter to Physicians

To physicians, surgeons, and other medical personnel fed up with health insurance,

The only way to bring existing health insurance plans to their knees is for you to exit health insurance networks. A massive health plan exit (#healthplexit) of medical professionals will cripple the industry and force change.

However, I understand you can’t leave these networks with out an alternative revenue source.

Here are practical steps to burn down the existing health insurance system and build a base of patients that pay you in cash (for all specialties, not just primary care) as opposed to health insurance reimbursement.

1.  You, and your families, personally leave the health insurance system and use an alternative way to pay for your health expenses. Doctors are the most well-respected professionals in the country. If you leave the system, you will give others confidence to leave the system.

2.  You tell your patients to leave the system and use an alternative healthcare payment method. Doing so will start the process of creating scale for an alternative. I believe that primary care coupled with a cash-based alternative like CrowdHealth, for larger bills, is an alternative that is massively better for you and your patients.

3.  You give cash pay discounts to incentivize your patients to leave the system. You would save a boatload of time and money by not battling and billing health plans. Your time is valuable.

You didn’t enter the practice of medicine to be beholden to someone else who will tell you what you’re going to get paid, when you’ll get paid, and what you must do to get paid. You entered the practice of medicine to make a difference in people’s lives and to provide a high standard of living for you and your family.

Legislative bodies, funded by hundreds of millions of dollars of pharma and health insurance lobbyists, will not force change in the insurance companies’ cartel-like practices. The revolution to change healthcare must start with you.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we are a viable alternative to the tyranny of health insurance, please contact us at


Andy Schoonover

CEO, CrowdHealth