November 23, 2021

Why I Started CrowdHealth

This is my little girl.

About a year ago she had recurring ear infections and a perforated ear drum.

So, at the recommendation of our Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, we scheduled a procedure at the local hospital to get tubes in her ears.

Not too long after the 15-minute procedure we got the bill: $8,000!

Then our health insurance plan said they weren’t going to pay for it because it was “medically unnecessary.”

We had done everything right. Our doctor delayed his vacation by a day to do the procedure because he was concerned about long term hearing loss.

Yet when we needed our health insurance, they refused to show up to help.

Our health insurance system is broken.

We need an alternative way to pay for healthcare.

That is why I started CrowdHealth.

No family should have to go through a big health event then get abandoned in their time of need by the people who are supposed to have their backs.

Health insurance is cold, often times unreliable, and perversely incentivized.

We’re changing the game at CrowdHealth.

Treating people like real people, like extensions to our family, supporting them in their health journey, and helping get their bills paid at half the cost.

It’s time for us to redefine what “healthcare” means to our society.

This is my purpose as a father and founder and it’s our team’s purpose at CrowdHealth.