Member Guide Update Fall 2023

Here are the changes you can find in the newest version of the CrowdHealth Member Guide:

1. More specific examples have been added to the Hazardous Activity policy, related to funding eligibility/exclusion.

2. The Pregnancy/Maternity Care policy has been updated to reflect the current health event flow and funding eligibility for these events, including:

  • What was once three separate pregnancy health events will now be a single “global” pregnancy health event;
  • Pregnancies with a due date after 10/6/2024 will be subject to a $3000 Member Commitment (an increase from the previous $1500); and
  • As a reminder, for a pregnancy to be eligible for funding, the due date must be 300 days or more from the Mother’s start date. Pregnancies are subject to third-party clinical review to determine eligibility.

4. Self-disclosed medical history is treated as an aspect of the Member's medical record and is subject to clinical review.

5. To help protect the Crowd from funding unnecessary care, expensive pre-payments for clinical memberships will not be eligible for funding. The $300 Annual Wellness benefit may still be used for Direct Primary Care (DPC).

6. With the new crowdfunding bank account setup, a Member’s start date is effective after identity verification is completed and the first Membership payment is successful.

7. Red and Green Health Cost Scoring clarifications have been added, including specifying that parameters apply to:

  • Labs and imaging, in addition to more expensive scheduled procedures;
  • Inflated healthcare costs, e.g. paying insurance rates for cash-pay eligible care; and
  • Consequences for failure to take advantage of a negotiated discount.
  • Expanding comparative pricing radius from 50 miles to 1000 miles for procedures equal to or more than $25,000.

8. Health event navigation expenses, e.g. clinical review and negotiation fees, are considered part of health event cost and eligible for crowdfunding.

9. If you cancel your Membership and rejoin the Crowd later, your previous Generosity Score follows you to your new Membership.

  1. Accounts with unresolved payment issues will be terminated after 21 days.