Member Guide Update Spring 2024

Here are the changes you can find in the newest version of the CrowdHealth Member Guide:

  • Bill Submission Timeline - bills must be submitted to CrowdHealth within 6 months from the date of service to be eligible for crowdfunding.

  • Previously Diagnosed, Documented, or Symptomatic has been clarified to help members better understand what is subject to the PDDS limitations. some text
    • Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed symptoms experienced prior to joining CrowdHealth are subject to the eligibility limitations.
  • Care received from a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, optometrist, or optometry assistant are not eligible for crowdfunding outside of the annual wellness event.
  • Occupational therapy is now eligible for crowdfunding when ordered by a doctor as a part of an eligible health event. Occupational therapy bills with a date of service of 5/1/24 or later can be submitted for crowdfunding.

  • Chiropractic care is now eligible for crowdfunding when being used to treat musculoskeletal injuries as part of an eligible health event. Treatment from a chiropractor for non-musculoskeletal issues might require a Clinical Review for medical appropriateness. Chiropractic bills with a date of service of 5/1/24 or later can be submitted for crowdfunding.
  • Weight limits - being health aware, you know that staying engaged with your own health helps not just you but the Crowd as a whole, too. Males over 260 lbs and females over 220 lbs are not able to participate in CrowdHealth.

  • Weight loss drugs are not eligible for crowdfunding.
  • Variations between members’ crowdfunding request amounts - At the beginning of every month we will provide an estimate of how much each member will be asked to contribute in that month. However, members might be asked to give slightly more or slightly less than the estimate, given the timing and dollar amount of the bills submitted for crowdfunding. Not all members will give the same amount each month but the variation will be small.
  • New step in the dispute process - If necessary, a three person panel comprised of CrowdHealth Members will reassess the decision and determine if the Member Guide is being applied accurately.