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Live boldly without the fear and emotional distress related to health care bills.

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CrowdHealth's disruptive technology puts your health care decisions back in your hands, saving you money and cutting out the middleman. It's not insurance. It's what insurance should be. So forget about deductibles networks, complicated exclusions, or copays. That's all gone. You see any doctor you want, you pay the first $500 and submit any bills from there and the CrowdHealth community takes care of the rest.

Tom Woods

How CrowdHealth Works


We have a team of billing specialists to ensure your bill is correct.


We have professional bill negotiators, including attorneys, negotiate the bill for you. We are seeing 60% reductions in bills on average.

Member Funding

We submit your bills to a group of thousands of members that are dedicated to help you out with that bill.

Case Studies

We advocate for our members and help reduce costs without compromising great healthcare.

Dallas, TX

A member in Dallas, TX was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer and needs a hysterectomy.
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 Hospital Quote
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The Member wins because they did not have to compromise between quality or price. 

The Crowd wins because they are helping another member stay out of medical debt. 

The Farleys

Explore how the Farleys took on the health system and won!


All Members pay $50/month for CrowdHealth subscription. Members will be charged separately for others’ Crowdfunding Requests.

Members Ages  0-54
$50 per month
For Crowdfunding
Up to $125 per month max
Members Ages  55-64
$50 per month
For Crowdfunding
Up to $250 per month max
Families of 4+
$50 per month per member
For Crowdfunding
Up to $375 per month MAx
*Each Member is expected to pay the first $500 of any health event before requesting funding from the Crowd.

We provide you tools for your day to day healthcare needs. All included with your monthly subscription!

Care Advocacy

You have your personal team internally at CrowdHealth who can help you navigate this complex system.

Virtual Primary Care

You receive unlimited telemedicine services that will help you navigate your health events in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

Talk Therapy

We have made it easier than ever to connect with mental health specialists for you and your loved ones to take full advantage of.

Discounted Prescriptions

Making healthcare affordable is not just about the bills we help get crowdfunding, but continued care which includes our discounted prescription service.

Our Members Love CrowdHealth

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Zero regrets!

Huge shoutout to an amazing business, CrowdHealth. I've been a member for a year, and have zero regrets. They were with us every step of the way through this and each other healthcare event. Traditional insurance is AWFUL for the insured, but a pretty sweet deal for the insurers. I ditched that system back in 2019 and tried a few alternatives. Crowd Health was the best experience of the three (and delightfully, the cheapest too!) Looking for a change? Check 'em out.

Matt A.

It would have taken months!

I am so, so much better! Honestly, if I hadn't joined CrowdHealth and met Dr. Jacobson through Urgent Care, it probably would have taken months to deal with this. CrowdHealth has been nothing short of a miracle.

Erica R.

"My wife is a physician, so we've gotten more familiar than we'd have preferred with the scam known as health insurance. We have several employees and our whole family on CrowdHealth now, and we have had a very good experience thus far."

Pila Sunderland

“My husband just left his job of 16 years to become a full-time artist and I am a full time entrepreneur and founder of a company called Kula Cloth. I was pretty disheartened looking at healthcare options when he was leaving his job - the 'best' option was around $700 per month (for both of us) and had a $19,000 deductible - it was pretty laughable, actually. found Crowd Health through a serendipitous series of events - and love this model!”

Anastasia Allison


I feel so lucky that CrowdHealth was already in the works and I had the chance to hear about it when did. I understand the benefits of self-pay, but it's HUGE having the Crowd behind you. I have been diabetic for 20+ years so I've had my fair share of run-ins with insurance. I was denied coverage for medical devices and sometimes needles were not covered. So excited to be part of CrowdHealth now! I'll be able to save several thousands of dollars. I'm THRILLED!

Austin W.

"My husband and I joined CrowdHealth as an alternative to having insurance and we have been nothing but amazed at our experience! Shortly after joining CrowdHealth, my husband ended up needing a procedure. They were with us every step of the way, helping to negotiate our emergency room and hospital bill and made arrangements for him to get the recommended procedure done at a high quality medical facility. They handled all the care coordination while saving the Crowd thousands of dollars! For us, this is what health care should be."

Amy Farley

“Ally and I love CrowdHealth. We love their team and have such confidence in their ability to deliver that we signed our family up for the service.”

Jeff and Ally Davidson

CrowdHealth is AMAZING!

They are helping me get my life back together for only $500. That would never happen with a regular medical pIan. I can't tell you how much I appreciate my Care Advocates that have been right beside me along the way. It has been so wonderful to finally start getting my life back. It would not be possible without CrowdHealth!

Cristin S.

"CrowdHealth is an innovative alternative to the ever-increasing cost of traditional, bureaucratized health care. Immediately after joining we received personalized communications from a dedicated correspondent, and also were invited to have an orientation web-meeting to answer any of our questions. The company is always looking for improvements and how to forward their innovative model. I believe that we need to start creating and supporting parallel institutions like CrowdHealth to work outside of the traditional bureaucracies that are often deeply corrupt and dysfunctional."

Toshio Lewis

Authentic community!

CrowdHealth is honestly a Godsend. I've never been one to like traditional insurance because to me, it's all one big scam. CrowdHealth is truly an authentic community that comes together to help give you peace of mind when it comes to doctor's visits or major operations. Join the community and receive the peace of mind that your overall well-being is the first priority.

Ngozi E.

They have gone above and beyond!

I can't stress enough how wonderful working with Margaret and the CrowdHealth team has been during these difficult circumstances.They have gone above and beyond to make sure all the financial issues are on track but more importantly they have reached out multiple times just to make sure that we were doing ok! When was the last time an insurance company did that for you? It's okay, I'll wait while you think about that..

Aaron A.

We've had a really positive experience!

The app, customer service, and overall membership plan/pricing is great. I will continue to recommend this to others! (I even convinced my parents to join CrowdHealth since they're retired and formerly self-employed!) As someone working for a startup myself, I can appreciate what you guys are doing and your continual approach to iterate, get feedback from users, and think outside the box.

Lauren C.

Great experience!

Thank you for everything! have been with CrowdHealth for over a year and have had a great experience so far. Thank you for all your help and member support!

Erica G.

“I was priced out of traditional insurance plans years ago. l tried out multiple different sharing plan options before joining CrowdHealth in January 2022. I have had one health event, and Maggie was very helpful, even going over and beyond the expected service of an advocate to make sure my needs were met. In addition to this service, once the team at CrowdHealth learned of a death in my immediate family, I was showered with love and support. Thank you Crowd Health!!”

Laurel Marr

“I woke up last week not feeling well. was a Sunday and I didn't want to go urgent care. I opened up my CrowdHealth app, pressed "Talk to a Doctor" and within 2 minutes and 22 seconds I had a prescription for medications at my local pharmacy which ended up costing me $6. Not only that, but I felt 100% better within 24 hours. What an incredible experience. Thanks CrowdHealth.”

Brandon Wilson

This community has been amazing!

I joined CrowdHealth to get away from insurance because we didn't have huge medical concerns. That all changed several months after joining when my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Our Care Advocate has been amazing over the past 6 months navigating this challenge. The community has been equally as amazing helping pay for most of our expenses.

Aaron E

“In 2018, I made the decision tr start a functional medicine health coaching practice and was disheartened by cost of premiums for people in my age and tax bracket when shopping for health insurance on healthcare,gov. At the age of 62, Crowd Health has given me peace of mind that doesn't break the bank as I "wait for Medicare". I wish I had discovered this wonderful option sooner!”

Patty Haling

Grateful for all the support!

I am so grateful for all the support! It was such a shock to find myself in the emergency room. I am rarely ever ill, and for this to happen right at the beginning of joining your service it was quite scary because there was so much unknown. But everything has been handled so smoothly and with great efficacy. Thank you!

Rohini R.

“As a physician in practice for over a decade and owner of a private practice, I am immersed in the problems that we face in healthcare. Enter crowd health. I have signed up my family and employees. I have patients that are crowd health members.…. CrowdHealth is the most impactful solution to restoring the doctor patient relationship that I have seen.”

Dr. Maryanna Barrett

Have questions?  Talk to a CrowdHealth Specialist.