Meet Health Care CrowdFunding

Live boldly without the fear and emotional distress related to health care bills.

A new way to pay for healthcare.

CrowdHealth is not insurance. We put the community back in community health care and give our members access to high quality care for up to 60% less. You pay one low monthly total to fund your account and get access to the CrowdHealth community.

Use Code Natalie During Sign-up

New members will receive a discounted membership of $99/ month for the first 6 months.

How we operate away from insurance and give you the power of crowdfunding

All Members pay $50/month for CrowdHealth subscription. 
Members will be charged separately for others’ Crowdfunding Requests. Funding request maximums below:

Ages 0-54
Crowdfunding up to
Per month max
Ages 55-64
Crowdfunding up to
Per month max
Families of 4+
Crowdfunding up to
Per month max

*Each Member is expected to pay the first $500 of any health event before requesting funding from the Crowd."

Speak With Our Team

Our Membership Consultants are ready to walk you through the health care crowdfunding model, discuss your specific needs, and answer any questions you have! 

CrowdHealth Includes:

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Unlimited Virtual Health

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Annual Wellness Visits

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No Doctor Networks

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Discounted Prescriptions

Membership Perks

No premiums, no copays, no deductibles. Just one monthly total to get you access to everything we offer the Crowd.