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January 2024

CrowdHealth Offers Viable Insurance Alternative for Brazilian Igor Aguiar

In the United States, Brazilians, including those with American health insurance, often opt to return to Brazil, not for family gatherings but for medical care. Our interviewee and CrowdHealth member, Igor Aguiar, sheds light on this phenomenon, "People go twice a year to Brazil just to go to the doctor. It’s a lot cheaper and they feel safer."

This trend, as Igor points out, highlights the significant challenges of the U.S. healthcare system — notably its high cost and the less reassuring nature of care compared to what's available in Brazil.

Moving from Brazil to the United States for business, Igor encountered a healthcare system vastly different from his home country. This case study pulls the thread on his experiences as an immigrant navigating the U.S. healthcare landscape.

Upon his arrival in the U.S., Igor faced significant challenges, notably the high costs and complexities of healthcare.

"For the first year and a half, I had no health insurance at all because the alternatives were just too expensive," he says. Many Brazilians, even with U.S. insurance, prefer the familiarity and affordability of healthcare in Brazil. His experience highlights a broader issue — a U.S. healthcare system seemingly prioritizing profit over patient care.

In his critique, Igor notes stark differences between healthcare in the U.S. and Brazil, especially regarding private healthcare's quality and cost. "Private hospitals and doctors in Brazil are really good and cheaper than here," he observes. In Brazil, high-quality private healthcare is a lot more accessible and affordable when compared to the costly U.S. system.

Discovering CrowdHealth while listening to Saifedean Ammous’ Bitcoin Standard podcast was a revelation for Igor.

"It blew my mind," he recalls. As a business owner in a new, expensive environment, CrowdHealth's affordability and security were essential. "It was very affordable... I feel a lot safer, and I can afford it," he reflects. His experience with CrowdHealth, as a cash-pay patient, contrasted sharply with the unpredictability of the U.S. healthcare system.

Looking ahead, Igor views CrowdHealth as more than a stopgap solution but as a long-term healthcare partner. "I've only used it for my annual wellness checks, and it's been working just fine," he states. His story resonates with many seeking practical healthcare solutions aligned with their beliefs.

Igor's commitment to his health, particularly his significant weight loss through a carnivore diet, has profoundly influenced his approach to healthcare. "I want to do my part, so I think I deserve good health too," he firmly states.

His dedication to this lifestyle led him to a medical conference focused on the carnivore diet, where he brought along his copy of a carnivore diet cookbook by Dr. Shawn Baker. It was at this conference that the accompanying photo, featuring Igor with Shawn Baker, was taken.

Igor's active participation in this event highlights the contentious stance medical professionals often face when endorsing non-traditional health methods. "They're putting their careers, their licenses, in jeopardy," he remarks, emphasizing the predicament faced by advocates of alternative medical practices.

Igor's experience with the U.S. healthcare system, particularly his use of the cash pay approach, was unexpectedly straightforward.

"It was a normal experience, there were no surprises when I got there because they already told me the cost before even going there," he explains.

This method, which operates entirely peer-to-peer and circumvents traditional insurance systems, offered him a level of cost transparency that starkly contrasted with the often opaque and unpredictable nature of standard U.S. healthcare practices.

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