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November 2023

Chaim Edelstein uses CrowdHealth to be healthy, independent & delightfully-uninsured

Having spent 25 years in the traditional health insurance sector, Chaim Edelstein was well-versed in its bureaucracy, denied claims, inadequate coverage, high costs, administrative complexity, restrictive network limitations, and opaque pricing.

These frustrations propelled his search for a simpler, people-focused solution. His discovery of CrowdHealth, a novel alternative to traditional insurance, resonated with his values. Reflecting on this shift, he said, "I'm extremely pleased overall with CrowdHealth. I mean, I love the model."

A podcast with CrowdHealth's CEO, Andy Schoonover, coupled with an endorsement from the Bitcoin community, nudged Chaim to try CrowdHealth. Schoonover's rationale behind creating CrowdHealth and its success struck a chord with Chaim. Despite initial hesitations, he remarked, "I saw the model and I was a little leery at first, but I signed up within an hour after that." Chaim hasn't looked back and cherishes this decision.

Reflecting on his initial engagement with CrowdHealth, Chaim shared, "I had the phone consultation. This sounds good. I'm just gonna jump in because I feel like I trust these human beings. And I thought the onboarding was really good."

This active step is quite different from the usual response to traditional insurance issues, where lots of complaints are made but little action is taken. Unlike many who complain but stay stuck in bad insurance situations, Chaim grabbed the chance for something better and hasn't looked back.

The Challenge:

In 2019, Chaim lost his group coverage. He tried a ministry health plan but soon hit its limits. The old insurance model felt pricey and stiff, showcasing a faceless, unreliable system with skewed incentives.

Chaim saw it as a clear sign: the current system, favoring the medical industrial complex, failed to serve individuals like him. The bureaucratic healthcare maze, with its baseless shortcomings, seemed almost laughable.

His irritation drove him towards alternative solutions like CrowdHealth, operating outside the usual, often corrupt and dysfunctional bureaucracies. Unlike standard insurance, which snatches health management from individuals, giving control to large corporations and sluggish government bodies, CrowdHealth emerged as a bright alternative. His earlier encounters with claims handling and rate boosts propelled him to look for better options that would place healthcare control back in his hands.

The Solution:

Switching to CrowdHealth ignited a proactive stance on health for Chaim. He shared, "A year ago, I changed my life entirely in terms of my nutrition. I've lost weight, reversed pre-diabetes and fatty liver, and I'm meaner and leaner than I've been since I was 20 years old."

He also enjoyed added perks like telemedicine and talk therapy. Recalling a moment, Chaim said, "When my wife needed medical advice, I opened up my CrowdHealth app, pressed 'Talk to a Doctor'. She got connected to a great doctor who diagnosed her instantly and solved her problem."

Discussing his interaction with CrowdHealth's care advocates, Chaim noted, "I love how I can simply tell you guys what I need, like when I needed that scan for my fatty liver. The care advocates genuinely care about my health and work with me, and on my behalf, to find the right provider who accepts cash pay and provides discounts."

This contrasts sharply with traditional insurance where calling support leads to a runaround with no resolution, wasting time and money while not receiving the needed service.

Chaim valued CrowdHealth's straightforward approach, saying, "I mean, you guys help us do it—it's a win-win. Like, you guys want to keep the price down, we want to keep the cost down. The incentives are aligned." Unlike insurance, CrowdHealth creates a supportive space, letting Chaim live his life without financial penalties.

As a cash pay patient through CrowdHealth, the control over health management is in your hands, unlike with traditional insurance. Chaim stressed self-advocacy, stating, "You really do have to be an advocate for yourself. Ideally, you are negotiating, you are asking for prices in writing, you are asking them to email you the quotes and the codes."

Looking Ahead with CrowdHealth:

Chaim holds a bright outlook for his journey with CrowdHealth. The platform's focus on self-advocacy and community resonates with him. He plans to stick with CrowdHealth, appreciating its robust member retention.

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, Chaim found CrowdHealth through connections in the Bitcoin community. His ongoing exploration of Bitcoin and the monetary system led him to appreciate CrowdHealth's ethos.

He expressed the synergy between Bitcoin's ascent and CrowdHealth's mission, "As Bitcoin grows, it lifts the whole tide, and CrowdHealth supplements that growth, aligning philosophically." Like many CrowdHealth members, Chaim recognizes similarities between CrowdHealth and Bitcoin in how they foster free market solutions around traditional systems.

In a free nation, members seek solutions like CrowdHealth that enhance this freedom, much like the autonomy Bitcoin grants its users against the traditional fiat monetary system, which often centralizes power with governments, leaving individuals with less control over their future.

Chaim’s narrative underscores a shared ambition—leading a healthier life with fewer medical interventions, and how CrowdHealth aids this aim with its innovative model and community-focused approach.

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